K4Acrylic Paints

Surfacer Grey / Surfacer Primer 60ml.

"K4 Surfacer Primer is water and alcohol based, which is excellent for use in airbrush applications.  K4 Surfacer Primer dries quickly. To accelerate the drying time, using a hair dryer is recommended. K4 Surfacer Primer can be thinned.  It is recommended that K4 Thinner be used for thinning. Cured Primer can be sanded and dry polished.  A minimum of 1 hour drying time is recommended for best adhesion.  Shake bottle well prior to use.  Keep out of reach of children.  K4 Surfacer Primer is Nontoxic. Qty approx. 60 ml. Made in Chile by K4"

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